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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Deconstructing Church Part 6. the 501c3

 Deconstructing Church Part 6. the 501c3

In 2004 the Lord spoke to me to "go find out about the 501c3. I have a more comprehensive article on that here: the-501c3-church, but it is necessary to address it in this series.

There are strong spiritual reasons to renounce and leave the 501c3 church system.
1. It is a financial agreement with Caesar, an "un-equal yoke" to the world system which has satan as king over it. It becomes part of "Babylon the great".

2. It creates another body, a legal "person", with another name, doing business as "The ABC Church".

3. It requires a human organization conformed to the world, with unscriptural titles and positions and By-Laws.  A CEO, Board, Secretary, Treasurer, etc. are examples, and they are not given to the believers in scripture.

4. Under the very same 501c3 umbrella are cults, witchcraft groups, satanists, pagans, occultists, and  EVERY Christian denomination from A-Z.  ALL meet together under the 501c3 roof. 

5. It operates directly contrary to Christ in required accounting and financial reporting.

6. It is NOT required and churches have operated and fellowshipped for centuries without the need of government sanction.

7. It creates rules and membership requirements that may or may not agree with scripture. Members must agree with them in order to be active participants, agree to financial reporting, and have voting rights for officers and policy of the church corporation.

8. Although one may find and hear about Christ within the structure, a Spirit-led disciple will be called to break all formal membership ties, enrollments, and agreements to submit to the carnal authority, and to stop supporting it.

If we take the position that we each are a part of Christ's body and the Holy Spirit is in us, then how can we take His body and yoke it to Caesar and Baal?

Here is a sample of church by-laws:

Like many, when we took our old church into a 501c3 Corporation, we did so without real prayer or realizing what we were doing. All the churches we fellowshipped were 501c3 and for 13 years, so were we. -Until the Lord spoke to me and opened our eyes to what it was. We repented and renounced it all.