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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Not Even ONE Verse?


How simple it should be for a person who reads the Bible to see the obvious traditions and practices of Christianity which HAVE NOT A SINGLE VERSE to support them
In order to help us think in scriptural terms, here is a short list of unscriptural practices found around various churches.

 "add thou not unto His Word lest He reprove thee and thou be found a liar"
  "that might learn not to go beyond the things which are written; ..." -1Cor 4:6

It is impossible to show  these as a written verse or phrase in our Bibles: 
1.  "Accept Christ as personal savior"  is never written in scripture
2.  "ALTAR CALL" as a response to the gospel s not written.
3.  a. "Pastor": used as a formal title.  For example: "Pastor Smith",  "Pastor Larry" ..... 
     b. "Senior" Pastor, "Associate" Pastor, or "Assistant Pastor"

     c.  "Rabbi"
  (Mat.23:8 But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your teacher, and all ye are brethren.

4.  A man or woman in any TITLED position in church authority.  (for example "Pastor Mary", "Apostle Mary", "Prophetess Sue" teaching or having authority over a man(none of the named elders of scripture were women). 
The Greek word for pastor is "poimen" is a masculine noun. 
-as are the words "apostle", "bishop", "prince", "priest", "husband", and all words pertaining to headship and authority in God's kingdom.
You would never call a man a "prophetess" or a queen, feminine nouns. 

5.   "church service" "our service is at..."  as used to describe a gathering of Christians
6.    Naming a church body.
7.    Fundraiser, raffle, auction, bake sale, food sales, or a Church owned businesses.
       -especially for the benefit of  the group of people that do them
8.   a. The Church Board.
      b. "church membership" "voting member", or formalized "member" of a church assembly. 

9.   CLERGY Robes, vestments, or formal church attire that distinguishes any minister
10.  Anyone promoting any man called Pastor. 
11. A "church" building or group referred to as the "Storehouse".
12.  record keeping of giving (the  opposite of Biblical secret giving)
13.  elders submitting to a pastor as a form of church government
14.  a congregation instructed to:  buy property, have a "building fund", or "building program".

15.  a Christian Bible college or Seminary, none were ordained by the apostles as a means of teaching.
16.  Official Positions of over-seership. (superintendents, Districts, Stakes, Wards, Diocese, Archbishops, Cardinals, etc.)   
17.  The "Sinners Prayer" as a repetitive response to the gospel.
18.  Any reference to a pulpit, steeple, pews, or cathedral as a gathering place for Christians. 
19.  Christians “celebrating” a day called Christmas, Easter, Halloween.  
20.  a "Song Service"
21.  The Church Choir
22.  Sunday School (Sabbath school)
23.  "Spiritual Coveringby a pastor or hierarchy.

24.   Babies or infants being baptized.
 25.  Prayer or kneeling in homage to Mary, any "saint", Rosary, or statue.
26.  Cardinal, Pope, "Your Eminence", or "Father" used to address any Christian.
27.  Purgatory
28.  The Mass
29.   Lent
30    Prayers for the dead.

31.  "The Eucharist", a word and ritual never given in the scriptures.
32.  People baptized by sprinkling. 
33.  Pastors or church leaders given a "vision" for the church. 
34.  Pledges, promissary oaths, swearing to perform an action such as a fundraiser or allegiance.

35.  Anything resembling patriotism to any kingdom of this world.
36.  "clergy" titles: "Doctor", "Prophet", "Bishop", "Apostle", "Elder", "Pastor" "Co-pastor", "chaplain"         "Associate  Pastor",  "Youth Pastor", "Reverend", "Worship Leader".     
37.  "God helps those who help themselves".  -not found in scripture..

38.   Any church or saint directly instructed to "Keep the Sabbath(as observed in the Old Covenant).  see our article "How to REALLY Keep that Sabbath"
39.  Any church or saint in the New Testament commanded to observe the Old Testament feasts.
40.  Any church or saint in the New Testament commanded to observe circumcision or keep the Law of Moses.

41.  Palm Sunday
42.  Ash Wednesday
43.  Easter   (the word easter pertains to Ishtar, a pagan Babylonian goddess).
44. "worship" service  (find a mention of one in the New Testament)
46.  "Voting" in a pastor 
47.   a LITURGY performed by a pastor or priest.
48.  "sacraments".  False works give false assurance.

49. The word "Trinity": - a sacred cow but in truth a name invented by men never once given in scripture and not a single writer of scripture referred to it .
If you were a Christian living in 100 AD the word “trinity” had not been invented yet. It is true, all the above are without a single verse in the New Testament scriptures and are red flag warnings of apostasy to one degree or another. 

50. Defining "holiness" according to a pastors or denominational "standards".
51. the phrases "Jesus is God" "dual nature" "God-man" "God incarnate" "God became a man", "fully God-fully man", "hypostatic union". -not one verse says those common phrases.

The Pharisees rationalized, justified, and explained what they did. Jesus rebuked them.
 We can point to the scriptures but only God gives revelation and understanding.  The Lord is a much better instructor than me or anyone wearing an ecclesiastical title.

a reader wrote
Comment:  I just read your "NOT in Scripture List" and I'm rather surprised... not at what is on the list, but that others have noticed.  I've been in and out of churches since I was a child and at the age of 28 I "heard" the call of Christ to "come follow me". 
 Just over a year later, I got up the nerve to read the bible for myself, since many of the people I respected in my "church" discussed what they were reading often.  I started in the new testament because it was immediately about Jesus and he was the reason for my being.  Well, I found out the same things that were in your list and I was shocked, angry confused...  
It was also immediately clear that the whole Idea of the modern church was nothing like the churches in ACTS.  Anyway, I've been labeled a "radical" and ignored by others when I attempt to discuss these things and asked where we went wrong.  I have only one couple who "get it" too. thank you, -Reader in Florida