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Friday, October 8, 2010

Greetings saints...........

After a brief hiatus from writing, we are endeavoring to get back to work. Because of some persecution, (I don't know of a better way to describe it), our website was canceled and much of the work we had done is gone...

Our site has been partially recovered and eventually we will link this blog to
We put it in the Lord's hands and since everything was His to begin with, including my "intellectual property". As our ability to edit and write to the new site becomes a reality, this blog will be our dynamic link to those of you we minister the Word of God to.

I know of very few people who are NOT in some form of transition spiritually, physically, relationally, financially, or geographically. God is shaking everyone and everything, it is obvious the world itself is in the throes of upheaval.

So God willing, we will get this post out and return to regular writing as God directs.
Upcoming articles will be about the revelation of the antichrist, the hated, Nicolaitane error, God's judgments in this life and how to recognize them, and more on Bible prophecy.

God's Word is so awesome and wonderful, there is no end to His way and the revelation of His Word as He reveals the "hidden manna".

Thank you for staying tuned!