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Sunday, April 10, 2011

The UN-Bible Dictionary

A Dictionary of words, teachings, or beliefs which cannot be either affirmed or quoted in scripture

1Peter 4: 11 If any man speak, let him speak as the oracles of God Deuteronomy 4:2          Ye shall not add to the word which I command you,
                                   neither shall ye diminish any from it,
                                   that ye may keep the commandments of the LORD your God
                                   which I command you

In today's homogenized, packaged-faith, divided and sub-divided Christianity, we find many terms, phrases, and overlooked words that are assumed to be "Christian". Some of these may surprise you.
Many words, phrases, and assumed Church-speak catch-phrases are simply not in God's Word.

501c3 Organization of a church
"Accept Christ as personal savior" (no scripture)
Advertising: as in marketing a church or ministry
Advent: season (no scripture)
All religions lead to God.
Always remain a Sinner saved by Grace. (Unable to mature into holiness here on earth)
Altar call:  not found by example or word in the NT
Armor-bearer:   as a person who "protects" the pastor.
Ask Jesus into your Heart:  a simplistic salvation Doctrine not found or quoted in Scripture.
Assistant Pastor : an unscriptural office.
Bible: (The Scriptures ) when spoken of as:  not God's Word, as not complete,
                                     as not the only book of scripture, or filled with error, or not understandable.
Bingo: as a fundraising method for Christians
Bishop: in the sense of one in authority over pastors
Bishop: as a Titled position, or anyone in scripture as addressed as "Bishop..."   
Boards, church leaders, board of elders, board-run. unscriptural offices.
Buildings: identified as churches.

Buying and selling: in terms of merchandising what God has given by inspiration: (music, books, leadership materials conferences, etc)
Brownsville-Bethel style Mantras:  "fire fire fire"... "more more more",  Call for impartation of spirits. 
Cardinal: a Titled office, not found anywhere in Scripture
"Casting the Vision": a catch-phrase without New Testament foundation
Catchers: those who catch them who "fall out"
Choir robes
Church Incorporation: 501c3 or any form of legal  agreement with government reporting.
Churches owning property and/ or business.

Church Growth Program: TOO many to list!  over 2.8 million on google!
Church Marketing: as related to promotion, advertising, growth programs
Church names: as an invention of the fragmented institutional church 
Church on Sunday: as an institution and tradition
Church fundraisers
Christmas: surprise? it is not in scripture as a Christian celebration.
Clergy, clergyman: an unscriptural office.
Clothing: as pertaining to robes, collars, paraphenelia, special church clothes, suits, as distinguishing clergy from laity.
Confession: to a priest
Confirmation: as a ritual confirming someone as being a Christian
Co-pastor: wife as a titled office in a church. or any person "co-pastoring"
Covering: spiritual.  "spiritual covering": As in denominational, or a pastor
Dec. 25: As Christ's birthday.  Without any scripture or Biblical text.
demons: as not existing
as that Christians cannot have them or be afflicted by them
devil: as not existing
devil: as a spirit brother to lucifer, or as a son of God.
Denominational names
District superintendent: as an office in the church
Doctorate of Divinity, Theology, or other titled degree
Doctrinal Statement: There is not a list in the NT.
Drunk in the Spirit
Easter: as a Christian celebration
Elders: As a group of church leaders functioning as a corporate advisory and voting body subservient to a pastor.
Everyone is saved.
Faith without works
Falling Out: as a practice when someone is "ministered" to
"First Lady": as a title in a church.
Fund-raising for the benefit of the same people doing the fund-raising.
Gay life and/ or Marriage as approved or encouraged in scripture
Gold dust manifesting on  or in Christians
"God helps those who help themselves"
God and Country: Political Christianity
"God uses doctors"
"Go to church"
Good Friday

Halloween/ Harvest Party
Hierarchy: As a church governmental structure.
Hirlings: Salaried or tithe requiring paid ministers
Hell: when taught as not real, not eternal, not a place of torment.
Human government in the church (the leaven of Herod)
"I know what the Lord told Me":  as a delusion when contrary to Scripture
Infant baptism
Jesus Loves All
Jesus: not God
Jesus: never existed/ a legend
Jesus not born of a virgin
Jesus: political, leader of rebellion or insurrection
Jewish OT dietary laws (given to the churches)
Jewish OT laws and ordinances to be kept by Christians.
King James Bible:  As God's only valid English translation .
Lent: An invention of pagans before the time of Christ and a word never used in scripture.
“Local church”. "The local church"
"Man of God" as a single man having sole authority of an assembly. As a priest or one having dominion
                       over a   church
Marketing of the gospel, charging for meetings, ministry, personal prophecy, etc.
Mary: "Mother of God", Queen of Heaven
Mass: the "un-bloody" continuing sacrifice of the body of Jesus
Mega church
Membership (church membership as a formal agreement )
Membership Rules
Mid-trib rapture
Miracles not for today" (Cessation Doctrine: Signs passed with the Apostles )
Merchandising the Word:   The sale of what God has given thru inspiriation: (music, books, leadership materials, conferences, DVD's etc) 
Miracles, tongues, Holy Spirit signs, have ceased.
Oaths: loyalty, oaths of office, foreswearing oneself.
Once Saved-Always Saved
Old Testament Law: to be observed and/ or kept by New Testament Christians
Oneness:  like the word "trinity",  a term not used in scripture
Passing the Plate: as an on-going practice every week in every church.
Pastor: as one man sole head of a church
Pastor: as one man embodied with all offices of the five-fold ministry.
Pastor: as president/ CEO, chief officer, Senior pastor.
Patriotism: to a kingdom of this world.
Pew: as an article of furniture in a church
Pledge of allegiance to any king, kingdom, image, or flag.
Political-national Israel as the chosen people or is the Israel of God
Political office: as an elected postion for Christians to seek.
Pope: as a title in the New Testament church
Pledges: binding oneself to future giving
Prayers for the dead
pre-tribulation (rapture)
Priest: as a formal title or office in the church.
Programmed church services (songs/  announcements /offerring/ sermon typically )
Prosperity and Materialism Gospel Doctrine
programs: ...  as scriptural methods of growing churches.
Regular Sunday Offerings (were never instituted in scripture as an on-going practice)
Reverend (as a title)
Sabbath keeping: as a saturday ritual observance or law
Salaried church leadership
Salvation without repentance
Santa Claus
Second Chance after Death
Seeker Sensitive
Selling: of the gospel, exchanging of one's ministry for pay.
Standards: of dress and adornment (hair length, jewelry, pants-dresses, makeup)
Starbucks in the church lobby
Statues: icons, idols, and images as objects of worship or prayer. 
Storehouse: The local church is the
Storing up treasures on earth 
Soul Sleep
Sunday sabbath
Sunday sermon: as a ritual oratory and weekly practice.
Sunrise Service: as a Christian Easter observance. 
Tithe/ tithing: As a New Testament practice, or Christianstians told to.
Titles of religious offices.
Tongues: speaking in tongues is of the devil, or has ceased
Trinity:  as a term not found in scripture.
Unconditional Eternal Security
Unforgiveness of others and be saved
Voting in a pastor
Violence and retaliation: use of weapons by Christians to injure, or kill others.
Worship leader: can you find one in the New Testament?
Women having authority over a man in the body of Christ


  1. Hi,
    Interesting list. I have been seeking the Lord about "hell" recently and the teaching of eternal torment. I notice you wrote that hell is not real. Can you elaborate? Do you have a teaching on it?
    I have learned that when Jesus spoke about "hell" (G1067) in the Gospels he was referring to Gehenna in the Hinnom valley, which is the garbage dump for trash and dead bodies which continuously burned.

    Then the word "grave" (H7585) was also translated into "hell."

    How do you interpret Luke 16:20-31? (the rich man and Lazarus)

    Thanks for your help with these!
    God bless, Sarah

  2. @Sara, I will need to edit. The term "not real" was intended to mean the doctrine of hell not being eternal torment is incorrect. I do have a writing on it in a folder somewhere and have had in-depth discussions with the other viewpoint. We believe Luke is correct. Thank you and abide in His Word